New York First Flight Tour and Instruction – 1 Hour


This flying lesson proves that playing pilot is easier than you think! Take control of the yoke and glide over Long Island’s glorious scenery for a full 30 minutes. You’ll learn how to take off, navigate around famous landmarks and land like a pro! The full flying experience last about an hour. Begin by heading over to Farmingdale Airport in Long Island, just an hour out of Manhattan. Greet your friendly flying instructor and commence the adventure with a 30-minute ground instruction where you’ll inspect the aircraft, fuel up and get acquainted with the controls. Next, it’s time for takeoff. Your co-pilot will guide you through this crucial step to ensure a smooth transition to the skies. Before you know it, you’re cruising several thousand feet above the horizon–soar over scenic NY sprawls and be amazed at just how natural the experience feels. When it comes time to land, you’ll be confident and comfortable enough to nail it like it was your hundredth time! Take a 60-minute NYC flying instruction. Learn how to takeoff, glide and land with the help of an experienced co-pilot. Get acquainted with your aircraft during a ground instruction. Take off and travel above the Hamptons. See the stunning mansions including Billy Joel’s $17M beachside property. Soar about the iconic Northport stacks. Get impeccable views high above Long Island Sound. Travel over Oyster Bay. Receive a logbook, certificate of flying, photos and a video of your first pilot experience! Excited? So are countless other pilots-to-be. This comprehensive aerial adventure books up quickly; if you have a special date in mind (Birthday? Anniversary?) now’s the time to ensure a spot!

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